Styrofoam Briquetting Presses

StyroPress® with shredder and silo and table for pre-sorting
StyroPress® with shredder and silo and table for pre-sorting


Styrofoam (EPS) is an ideal packaging material.  The problem, however, is the transport and disposal.  A large volume and low weight requires a high transport and storage requirements.  A fully loaded truck e.g. has only a transport weight of 800 kg - which is only about 3% of the actual truck carrying capacity !


Strautmann Briquetting StyroPress® is spefifically designed for the compression of EPS and reduces the volume by up to 98% !


Here, the density of the material is increased from about 15 kg/m³ up to

700 kg/m³ !


With an compressed volume of EPS, storage space is greatly reduced !

Also saving of fuel for transportation, drastically reducing CO2 emissions

Styrofoam briquette after compression
Styrofoam briquette after compression

Advantages of StyroPress®


* Fully automatic compaction system

   - after filling in the material it will be shreddered and carried into the

      integrated buffer and into the press chamber.

   - the compacted briquettes are continuously pushed out into the discharging

      system and can be removed there for storage in any appropriate ways

      (bag, box, pallet, etc ..)


* Volume reduction up to 98%

   - high pressing force up to 250 kN (approx. 25 ton).

   - compression achievement adjustable.


* Briquetting without additives

   - Confident processing.

   - Genuine valuable materials.


* High briquette density up to 700 kg/m³

   - fully utilise container/truck with load of 24 ton.


* High performance

   - integrated shredder with max. 100 kg hourly throughput

      (depending on material).

   - press performance max. 30 kg/h (depending on material).

   - no material warming.

   - press can work continuously for 24 hours, 7 days a week.


* Universal applicable

   - compact concept and dimensions.

   - low space required, approx. 5m².

   - suitable for EPS, XPS and PU any density.

   - plug and play-installation with 32 A socket.


* Large feed opening

   - easy material feeding due to large feeding opening of 1,200 x 500 mm,

      located at a practical height (~1,485 mm).


* Continuous feeding

   - feeding any time during the continuous operation possible.

   - feeding by conveyors or suction system possible.


* High ease of use

   - control by Siemsns.

   - automatic operation, shredder tray can be pulled out for

      maintenance / service.

   - low noise due to encapsulated machine concept, max. 78 dB(A) at idle.


* Specification

   - Briquette dimension : approx. 84 x 92 mm, length variable.

   - Electricity supply : 400 V 50 Hz 12 kW

   - Machine dimension : (L x W x H) 3,500 x 2,030 x 2,110 mm (with shredder).

   - Machine weight : 2,300 kg


* Options / Accessories :

   - Buffer extendable up to a silo.

   - Table for pre-sorting of the material.

   - Conveyor belts for continuous feeding available.

   - Wing-Resolver for the integration of external processes.

   - Shredder unit can be left out (depending on the raw material).

   - Discharging tunnel available, fitting to all disposing systems.

StyroPress® with shredder
StyroPress® with shredder
StyroPress® without shredder
StyroPress® without shredder



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