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The Kab-S cable stripper is the smallest model in the full range
of Cable Strippers.  This single phase table top machine makes it possible to easily recover copper and aluminium from your cable.
The one knife cutting from the top in combination with the drive rolls, that will grip any type of cable with a plastic jacket, is very easy to adjust by a spindle.  For the best results while stripping small sized cable, this stripper is equipped with a separate guiding system.
This small and compact machine is easy to transport to where ever you need to do your light stripping.  


Easy to adjust               

Everywhere to use       

Low maintenance           | 

                                       | Ø cable             : 1~55 mm

                                       | Stripping speed : max. 15 m/min

                                       | kW                     : 1.5 (Single phase - 230 V)

                                       | Dimensions       : 420 x 380 x 500 mm

                                       | Weight               : 40 kg


Kab-V Front
Kab-V Front

The most professional and versatile table top cable stripper available, and the only 230 volt, double stripping capability/mechanism available.  Through a spindle you can easily set the position of the cutting blade.  Therefore PVC and rubber cables can easily be stripped.  The Kab-V cable stripper also has a seperate squeezing function to even process the thinnest single core cables.  The combination of the heavy duty frame and the 1.5 kW drive makes it the most powerful and versatile table top cable stripper in its kind.


Easy to use                       | 

Can be use everywhere    | 

                                          | Ø cable              : 1~60 mm

                                          | Stripping speed : max. 15 m/min

                                          | kW                     : 1.5 (230 V)

                                          | Dimensions        : 600 x 400 x 550 mm

                                          | Weight                : 70 kg


Our latest innovation, Kab-X is the only cable stripper available on the market equipped with 3 different cable stripping mechanism.  Double driven blades with gripping wheels on the side, squeezing rolls for single core thin cables and a V-roll with blade system, it has the capability of stripping cables from 1~85 mm.  The Kab-X has been developed together with health and safety experts and therefore complies with the latest safety regulations.  Due to its phenomenal stripping speed of 50 meters per minute, large amount of cable can be stripped.  This cable stripper is geared towards professional use.  Thanks to the transparent polycarbonate hood, the stripping process and the adjustment of the accurate guiding systems can be monitored at all times.


Easy to operate                        | 

Maximum safety                       | 

Low maintenance                  | 

Available in 400V or 230V        | 

CE approved with separate      | 

emergency-stop circuit      

                                                             | Ø cable             : 1~85 mm

                                                 | Stripping speed : max. 50 m/min

                                                             | Power pack       : 3 kW - 400 V

                                                 | Dimension         : 760 x 610 x 1,450 mm

                                                 | Weight               : 180 kg


If you wish to strip armoured, heavy PVC and greased cables, Kab-W cable stripper is the choice.  This heavy duty cable stripper strips the following kinds of cables : steel wire armoured cable, steel tape armoured cable, lead covered cable, thick nylon ridged cables (high voltage cables).  Due to the positioning of the hardox gripping wheels it is possible to clean the wheel easily. The armoured cables are being guided over an adjustable blade for perfect cutting.  It has the ability to strip cable between Ø30~ 180 mm.


Maximum safety                      | 

Easy cleaning accessibility      | 

                                                             | Ø cable             : 30~180 mm

                                                 | Stripping speed : max. 10 m/min

                                                             | Power pack       : 400V - 11 kW

                                                 | Dimension         : 1,700 x 1,700 x 1,700 mm

                                                 | Weight               : 1,100 kg



The Kab-90 cable stripper is designed for PVC, rubber and even light armoured cable.  It can strips cable from Ø1~88 mm easily. 

Equipped with a double driven blade construction with gripping wheels on the sides, this cable stripper is well known because of its high stripping speed, accuracy and user friendliness.


Kab-90 cable stripper also has squeezing rolls system to strip the thinnest single core cables. It is suitable for professional use in the toughest working environments.

Easy to operate                                                            | 

Low maintenance costs                                                |

High stripping speed of 50 m/min                                 |

CE approved with separate emergency-stop circuit     |

Proven technique with efficient cable guiding system  |

Solid design                                                                  |

Available in 400 or 230 Volt                                          | 

Ø Cable             : 1~88 mm

Stripping speed : max. 50 m/min

Power pack       : 3 kW - 400V

Dimension         : 760 x 610 x 1,450 mm

Weight               : 180 kg




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