Liquid Drainer

After the introduction of PET bottles in 1990 by the Coca Cola Company, Strautmann developed a fully automatic briquetting machine for this valuable material.


The years of experience and reliable service have made Strautmann, a manufacturer of briquetting machines, the market leader in the Germany beverage industry.


95% of the German bottlers condense their PET bottles with Strautmann presses and integrate them into production. Such high quantities are compacted easily, quickly and reliably.


Filled PET bottles need to be emptied

* If the packaging expiry date has expired.

* Damaged bottles during packaging or transportation.

* Residue in drinks or impurities during packaging.

* Empty automatically filled beverage container and separate the liquid from the

   outer packaging.

Liquid Drainer ® - Filled containers emptied automatically, quickly and profitably



Efficient and automatic drain - time-consuming draining by hand is over !

*  The Liquid Drainer® can empty filled PET bottles, Tetra Pak® and

    beverage cans.

*  Even entire container can be emptied.

*  Opening of the PET bottles by hand is no longer necessary.

LiquiDrainer® will do it for you automatically and quickly !

LiquiDrainer® can be used for various materials.


Operation is simple :

*  Filled containers are dropped into the hopper.

A spinning rotor pressed out the content and compacted it.

The liquid are drained in a strainer and channel into a collection box.

*  The emptied packaging material are then emptied and can be further 

    compressed in balers.

*  The compact design of the Liquid Drainer enable easy cleaning and transport. 


Benefits at a glance :

*  Flexible use

*  Rapid emptying

*  Quick and easy cleaning

*  Integration into the product flow

*  Continuous operation

*  Rugged, Durable, Dependable

*  Small footprint

Liquid Rainer® in stainless steel with conveyor
Liquid Rainer® in stainless steel with conveyor



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