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Cutting cables (ground, telephone, electro and steel) is a skill on its own.  Generally, this type of cable consists of countless small wires and strands which, during cutting actions, often inadvertently get in between the cutter blades.  Situations like this cause loss of capacity. Moreover, it has proven to be detrimental to the life span of cutting tools.  Therefore, Holmatro® has developed cutter blades with a special blade guide. This feature keeps the blades straight in relation to each other and prevents them from separating or becoming distorted.


Holmatro® industrial product line includes a wide range of hydraulic cutting tools specially developed for markets such as recycling, demolition, nuclear industry, foundry and construction.  Our experience provides us the technical expertise needed to offer you adequate solutions for almost any cutting application you can think of.


Mobile type

The mobile cutter is specially

developed for use ‘in the field’.  

Examples of this are the removal of

old pipelines (e.g. old petrol stations),

building demolition, cutting electricity

or telephone cables, etc.  For this

model, the accent is placed on

mobility.  Mobile cutters are

constructed from high-grade

aluminium resulting in strong yet

very light tools.  The pump units

are also specially developed for mobile use.  The pumps, electric or petrol-driven, are compact and light in weight, enabling work to be carried out at locations that are difficult to access.  A complete cutter set consists of a mobile cutter, a mobile pump and a hose.  Various accessories are available.



Stationary type

The stationary cutter is specially developed for continuous use, for example, processes whereby repeated tasks (cutting, flattening, and tearing) are carried out at a fixed point on the production line. For this model, the accent is placed on durability (high load frequency) and ergonomics (prolonged physical demands). Stationary cutters are constructed from high-grade steel.

A balancer compensates the weight increase in comparison to the portable aluminium model. The hydraulic pump is also adapted to meet the demands of continuous use.  A complete stationary cutter set consists of a stationary cutter,

a stationary pump and a hose.  Various accessories are available.


Different type of Blades

Mini Cutter



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