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Channel Press VK 5512
Channel Press VK 5512

Products at the end of their life cycle and materials at the end of the production process normally end up as waste.


Through different form of other processes, these materials can contribute more in other form of recyclables.


examples :-

- waste wood can be shredded and compacted to form briquette as fuel.

- compacted bales

  (for paper, cardboard, plastic, PET bottles, cans, styrofoam, etc ..)

   to reduce recyclables volume during transportation with a smaller

   CO2 footprint.

- savings in costly man-hours.


Whether for compacting or shredding, we can help to fulfill your ideal recycling solution.  With our range of proven products from different global leaders,

we aim to be a reliable source for quality recycling equipment and service provider contributing  "in a small way"  towards the GREEN effort in saving the world.

Baled with VK 5512
Baled with VK 5512

Business advantages in using our RECYCLING EQUIPMENT :


> efficient waste handling thus reducing total waste handling and disposal costs.


> reduce space for waste and have more space for business activities.

      e.g. free up expensive floor space by having more compacted bales.


> free up costly man-hours in waste handling.

      e.g. opening and stacking of emptied boxes and arrangement.


> free up hidden cost that used to be wasted in unnecessary logistics.

      e.g. more compacted waste per truck load instead of transporting "air". 


> faster flow between different process, thus improves internal workflow.


> recycling equipment can be install at the place where waste materials

   is accumulating. 


> profitable disposal (revenues for bales) instead of expenditure.


> orderly and cleanliness in the factory / warehouse / retail-space.


> satisfied employees and customers.

Bales for recycling
Bales for recycling
Bales loaded onto truck for recycling factory
Bales loaded onto truck for recycling factory

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