THUNDERHAWK - Mini plant for cable recycling

Efficient chopping line for small recyclers.

Just plug it in and start recycling your cable scrap.

Very compact design, yet every machine is easily available for service.

THUNDERHAWK A - Very compact and economical turn-key plant.  Suitable for small companies wanting to earn money from their scrap cable quickly, but without big investments in machinery.  Manually fed.  Can be extended as your business grows.


THUNDERHAWK B - Extended with a rough chopper, which increases the capacity by 70%.  Low personnel requirements and high degree of automation.  Efficient and profitable cable recycling.  It can even process steel-armoured cable.  Both THUNDERHAWK A and B are PLC operated and can process copper as well as aluminium cable.


THUNDERHAWK - it is small but big in performance ! 

( 2 sizes)                                              THUNDERHAWK A    THUNDERHAWK B


Guaranteed average infeed capacity *  kg/h                 200                             330

Unstalled power                                      kW                   30                               47

Average power consumption                 kW/h                 25                               35

Transport volume (box container)                             1 x 20'                         1 x 20'


*   Average infeed capacities are based on household cable with copper content 45%.  The purity of the copper is normally above 99.5%.  With reservation for technical alterations.



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