FIREFOX - medium plant for cable recycling

Powerful, efficient and highly automatized.

The perfect solution for medium-size companies covering a wide capacity range.

Superior technology and flexible modular design. Suitable for almost all kinds of cable. For demanding customers.

FIREFOX STANDARD - Efficient and highly automatized plant.  Rough chopper with big infeed hopper and hydraulic pusher for automatic feeding.  This plant offers the best price versus performance ratio.


FIREFOX Turbo A - Industrial high-performance plant built for tough working conditions and long life span.  Equipped with a powerful, heavy-duty rough chopper with big knives, like shark's teeth.  It serves as the basic unit for the extended Turbo B.


FIREFOX Turbo B - Extended with an additional granulator, resulting in 30% higher capacity compared to the Turbo A.  All the FIREFOX plants can process armoured cable.

FIREFOX                                                      Standard   Turbo A   Turbo B


Guaranteed average infeed capacity *  kg/h     900          1,300       1,700

Installed power                                       kW      155             270          316

Average power consumption                kW/h     110             190          230

Transport volume (box container)                   2 x 40'       3 x 40'      1 x 20'


                                                                                                          3 x 40'


Average infeed capacities are based on household cable with copper content 45%.  The purity of the copper is normally above 99.5%.  With reservation for technical alterations.



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