Floor space of 14 m² only !
Floor space of 14 m² only !

BaleTainer ® - profitably and automatically discard !

The BaleTainer ® is a fully automatic baler for compacting papers, cardboards, foils and empty PET bottles.  It can handle high waste volume easily. The innovative BaleTainer ® brings you into the next dimension of disposal technology.


Thanks to the large feeding area, high quantities of PET bottles, cardboard boxes, large liner bags and cardboard pallets can be inserted comfortably without shredding. The filling can be done manually, by forklift or via a conveyor belt. The bale is compressed in the disk chamber. Once a disk is ready, it will be pushed out of the compression chamber into the bale channel. The finished bales are automatically set and pushed out.


Loading at the baling chamber and tying with wires are fully automatic. This saves labor and time !  Thanks to a new press concept of the baler resulting in less pressing force, less energy and space required.


The bales produces are of industry standard sizes and are ready for direct stuffing onto trucks and sea containers (up to 24 tons for 40' container) for sales to material recycling factories. 


The BaleTainer® can be placed just besides the source of waste material generating places for smooth operations. The time and cost for long transport distances are reduced and internal logistics is improved.



Your Benefits

* Convenient operation

* Simply throw in great shapes and quantities of waste

   (Cardboards / PET bottles / plastic films)

* Automatic filling possible

* 100% transport capacity

* Patented machine concept

* Higher revenues for good bales

* Cost savings from reduction in man-hours for logistics personnel

* Continuous operation (24 hours / 7 days)

* Integration into the smooth process flow

Examples : different shapes and sizes of waste for direct filling

Pallet made from compressed cardboards
Pallet made from compressed cardboards
Carton box - full size
Carton box - full size
Bale up to 550 kg/m³
Bale up to 550 kg/m³



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